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Calling Rick O'Connell Role Players!

Hey all! Many apologies if this isn’t allowed, and if it isn’t, feel free to delete this post. We’re in desperate need for one active Rick O’Connell at Evil Eyes: the Mummy RPG! We just previously lost our Rick due to inactivity and for certain threads to continue we need someone who’s willing to be active with him. There are plenty of other characters available such as Ardeth Bey, Jonathan Carnahan and Izzy Buttons, but our most wanted character has become Rick O’Connell! For more information on him, please follow the LJ cut!

thirty-four. adventurer. medjai. pb is brendan frasier.
Formerly enlisted as a Corporal in the French Foreign Legion, Rick led his unit to Hamunaptra and fought inline against the Tuareg warriors. Managing to make it out alive, Rick caught his first glimpse of the Medjai while trekking back to Cairo. He was put in jail for abandoning the legion, and he was listed to be hanged. After a visit from Evelyn and Jonathan, whom requested information about the key that Jonathan retrieved from him, he was taken to be hanged. Evelyn managed to convince the warden to release him, and she offered him 25% of Hamunaptra’s findings. He was released and he showed them the way to Hamunaptra in return. When Evelyn accidentally resurrected Imhotep from his grave, he at first refused to aid them in helping kill Imhotep.

Rick was finally convinced to aid them further after Evelyn became more involved in the affair, and he aided in the rescue of Evelyn when she was taken to Hamunaptra by Imhotep. He managed to kill Imhotep after an incantation from the Book of the Amun Ra was read, and with the rescue successful, he and Evelyn married sometime after and had a son named Alex. Eight years later after exploring a temple in Egypt and finding the Bracelet of Anubis, he and Jonathan teamed up in order to get away from the cultists. They managed to succeed, but Evelyn was already abducted, and they came face to face with Ardeth Bey. After rescuing Evelyn and fighting mummies on a bus ride, Alex was kidnapped and they raced across the desert in search for clues left behind by Alex in order to find him. They made it to Ahm Shere, and he managed to rescue his son, but at the cost of Evelyn’s murder. He entered the golden pyramid and fought against Imhotep, the Scorpion King, and he ultimately succeeded.

Three months later, Rick decided to enjoy the time off from fighting the undead, but was convinced by his wife to partake in the Amulets of Karawan race. When they were at Hamunaptra, he was the first of the O’Connell’s to discover his son’s rapid growth spurt, and he promised to teach him how to be a man, and how to use guns. He managed to find the Amulet of Setesh at the Medjai campsite, but unfortunately was teleported to Ireland after he found it. He trekked the Ring of Kerry, was thrown into jail for starting a fight, and managed to meet up with the heroes and Medjai shortly after their arrival as Evelyn found him.

Recommended Reads
  • Here We Go Again: As he and his family entered Hamunaptra, the City of the Dead, Rick decided to check for any signs of danger. But upon hearing the battle in the treasury room, he tries to head there, but he finds Alex  and Tuya on the way. Alex is now an adult, and he promises Alex that he’ll teach him how to be a man, and learn how to gunfight. When they reach the treasury room with Tuya in tow, he discovers that Evelyn  was taken by the Djed. He is held back by Ardeth in his attempt to chase after them.
  • When Does Faith Turn To Doubt: After traveling back to the Medjai  campsite, Rick and company try to think of a plan to rescue Evelyn. They’ve captured Tuya, and Rick is infuriated on what happened. He proposes a plan on how to rescue Evelyn. His plan: a trade.
  • Uncertainty Blurs the Vision: After trekking the Ring of Kerry for two weeks after a teleportation act caused by the Amulet of Setesh, getting thrown into jail for starting fights at a bar and having little to no food, Rick manages to find his way to Killarney, Ireland. He’s at a harbor and as he tries to convince the captain to let him aboard the ship to London, saying that he’ll pay him double when they get there, Evelyn finds him. The two are reunited after a few peaceful moments, but when Akeem interferes and tries to separate them, trouble ensues as Evelyn doesn’t take it too kindly. She leaves Rick in the middle of the harbor in order to get away from Akeem, and before Rick can go after Evelyn, he’s confronted by Ardeth and Alex.
  • Beyond my Wildest Dreams: Rick and Evelyn manage to get some quiet time after the incident at the harbor, and as Evelyn slowly reveals that things aren’t alright in the mind, she changes into the Princess Nefertiri in front of Rick. Rick, who is unaware of what went on in Egypt due to having been in Ireland the entire time becomes confused and unable to answer a majority of the princess’s questions. Unfortunately for Rick, Nefertiri doesn’t take it too kindly that he’s in the same room as her. She’s confused on where she is and attacks Rick, but Rick doesn’t fight back. The two manage to converse in a calm manner, but Nefertiri’s contemplating on how to escape. She manages to do so and attempts to leave Clover Inn. Fortunately for Rick she turns back into Evelyn before she can leave the inn.

Due to the recent inactivity from our old Rick we decided to put him up as available. Luckily the character hasn’t had much threading time or much involvement (mainly due to our Rick’s becoming inactive). Most of the threads that he’s been in are pretty minor, and I’d have to say that probably his only major thread was Beyond my Wildest Dreams, which involves him discovering what went down during Hamunaptra’s arc mainly due to what happened with his wife in that thread. It was previously discussed by one of our old Rick’s that he’d have a past life (as it was thought that it was implied in the Mummy Returns), and the idea is pretty cool with us. If any interested parties wish to continue that plot then it’s pretty cool with us, if not, then no biggie as it wasn’t brought officially into the RP. We’re really in need of someone who’s willing to be active with him and someone who won’t disappear on us like all of our other Rick’s. He’s necessary for quite a few important threads, so you can instantly expect immediate involvement with this guy. Other than that, there’s a lot of creative freedom with him due to his lack of involvement (we’d really love to get him more involved though!). ^_^;

death is but the doorway to new life – we live today, we shall live again, in many forms shall we return.

After journeying home from the Oasis of Ahm Shere after the defeat of Mathayus the Scorpion King, the O’Connell’s were finally capable of settling down back in London. Young Alex O’Connell returned to his studies, Evelyn decided to take on the Bembridge Scholar’s offer and became head curator of the British Museum, and Rick decided to enjoy the time off from fighting the undead. Although peace was thought to have returned after the hardships they faced, it came to a shattering end when Ardeth Bey walked upon the O’Connell Manor’s doorstep. It was Rick who had opened the door that evening, and much to his dismay, he received unfavorable knowledge as the bearer of bad news entered his household. As Ardeth had told the tale of the Amulets of Karawan, which were capable of leading the world to its undoing, Rick knew his assumptions were right.

The legend told began back in Ancient Egypt where Pharaoh Seti I requested two powerful amulets to be made by the Egyptian God Set. It was not only to ensure his own protection, but his family’s as well. Set had accepted Seti’s request and he required nothing in return, or so one had thought. With the amulets completion, Set had sent a servant in order to present them to the pharaoh. The servant presented the Amulet of Khaldun, which represented a ka necklace and had the powers of immortality, and finally, the Amulet of Setesh, and it had taken on the form of a Was scepter and represented the powers of time travel. Seti had accepted them, but as word spread that powerful amulets were within Egypt’s territory, armies formed throughout the world in order to conquer them. Upon decision due to the anarchy that it had caused, Seti activated an ability of the Amulet of Setesh and by placing both amulets beside one another, the amulets were capable of transporting themselves to a different era of their choosing. They reappeared in the Year of the Scorpion, 1933, approximately three thousand years later, and three months after the defeat of Mathayus the Scorpion King.

Another tale was told as Ardeth revealed more information on Imhotep’s priests. Although they were mummified alive along with their master, their descendants were still living today as an enemy Bedouin clan known as the Djed. Unknowingly to the Medjai at the time, their chieftain was none other than the reincarnation of Pharaoh Seti I under a new alias and persona. Recalling little information of his past life, the pharaoh had successfully located the Amulet of Khaldun which was hidden within Hamunaptra’s grounds. Using a copy of the Book of the Dead that was created by their tribe, he then sought to resurrect Imhotep and Anck-su-namun. The task was completed successfully, and unknowingly to the pharaoh at the time, an elder of the Djed had spoken covertly with the two resurrected mummies. He advised them to act as his once faithful courtiers, and told them that the pharaoh was unaware of their treason.

As this phenomenon occurred, the O’Connell’s had no knowledge that the Amulet of Khaldun was obtained by the Djed, and that Imhotep and Anck-su-namun were resurrected; furthermore, they left London soon after. With the O’Connell’s now on the move and the Djed now after the Amulet of Setesh, the journey has yet to be written, let alone the destination. What becomes of this tale is left up to you as you decide your fate, your side, as well as the fate of the world!

Evil Eyes: the Mummy is a character driven site that celebrates the convergence of cultures, religions and characters from different countries. As a globetrotting, survival horror based game based on the films the Mummy (1999) and the Mummy Returns (2001), we travel around the world and players get to vote on the next country the game’s situated in. Each new arc brings forth new magical items, artifacts, adventures and intrigue as our players get to not only decide what happens, but also the myths and legends behind the magical items brought into the game. So now the question is: do you think you can survive?

Rick O'Connell (Desperately Wanted!)
Jonathan Carnahan
Izzy Buttons


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