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Evil Eyes: A post the Mummy Returns RPG

Hello everyone! I know that this may seem rude of me to post an advertisement here as I’m not an “official” member, but I do love the Mummy series to bits and pieces. As of recently, we’re about to celebrate version 3.0’s first anniversary. The game itself is at least three years old, but with our current version, it’s only one years old. We’re in need of quite a few canon characters, some with major roles, at that! So if you’re looking for a Mummy RPG that not only has an awesome community of writers, but also a fantastic OOC community, I think this is probably in your bag. Down below is a list of character’s that we currently need. We’re in desperate need of an Ardeth Bey at the moment, so if you think you can snag him and be active with him, then please do! Anyway, you know the drill. Follow the LJ cut to find more information on the RPG.
Alex O’Connell
Ardeth Bey*
Izzy Buttons

death is but the doorway to new life – we live today, we shall live again, in many forms shall we return.

After riding home on the dirigible from the Oasis of Ahm Shere after the defeat of Mathayus the Scorpion King, the O’Connell’s were capable of settling down back at their large mansion in London. Young Alex O’Connell returned to his studies, Evelyn decided to take on the Bembridge Scholar’s offer and became head curator of the British Museum, and Rick decided to enjoy the time off from fighting the undead. It seemed as though things were going smoothly for the O’Connell’s until one fateful evening when Ardeth Bey walked upon their doorstep. It was Rick who opened the door that evening, and much to his dismay, he received unfavorable knowledge as the bearer of bad news entered his household. As Ardeth told the tale of the Amulets of Karawan, which were capable of leading the world to its undoing, Rick knew his assumptions were right.

The legend told began back in Ancient Egypt, where Pharaoh Seti I requested two powerful amulets to be made by the Egyptian God, Set. It was not only to ensure his own protection, but his family’s as well. Set accepted Seti’s request and he required nothing in return. Upon the amulets completion, they were bestowed upon the pharaoh by a servant of Set. The first amulet to be presented was the Amulet of Khaldun, which took on the form of a necklace that represented the Ka symbol of life force. It had the power to grant immortality and invulnerability. The second amulet to be bestowed upon the pharaoh was the Amulet of Setesh, and it took on the form of a Was scepter. It had the powers of time travel. Seti I had accepted them, but as word was released that there were godly items in Egypt’s territory, armies formed throughout the known world in order to conquer the amulets. Little did Seti I know that this was all Set’s original intention. Upon decision due to the anarchy that it caused, Seti I decided to activate an ability of the Amulet of Setesh, and by placing both amulets beside one another, he granted the amulets ability to transport themselves into a timeframe of its choosing. They were soon transported to the Year of the Scorpion, 1933. With this ability activated, the Amulet of Setesh was capable of traveling throughout the world, but it was incapable of returning to the same location a second time unless it was its country of origin.

Another tale was told as Ardeth revealed more information on Imhotep’s priests. Although they were mummified alive, their descendants were still living today as an enemy Bedouin clan known as the Djed. Unknowingly to the Medjai however, the chieftain of the Djed was none other than the reincarnation of Pharaoh Seti I under a new alias and persona. Recalling little information about his past life, the reincarnated pharaoh had been leading the Djed through Hamunaptra’s grounds in order to retrieve the Amulet of Khaldun. They successfully completed this mission. Using a copy of the Book of the Dead, Seti I sought a second mission, and that was the resurrection of Imhotep and Anck-su-namun. With the Book of the Dead in hand, he completed this task successfully as well. He presented the Amulet of Khaldun to Anck-su-namun in order for her to not be harmed due to her mummified form. But unknowingly to the pharaoh, an elder of the Djed had spoken covertly with the two resurrected mummies, and advised them to ask as his once faithful courtiers as he was unaware of their treason.

As this phenomenon occurred, the O’Connell’s had no knowledge that the Amulet of Khaldun was obtained by the Djed; furthermore, they left London soon after. With the O’Connell’s now on the move and the Djed now after the Amulet of Setesh, this journey has yet to be written, let alone the destination. What becomes of this tale is left up to you as you decide your fate, your side, as well as the fate of the world!

  • To our knowledge we are the only living post Mummy Returns RPG on the internet. No knowledge is required to participate if you are NOT applying for a canon!
  • We cater to a multitude of genres and they are: action adventure, alternative history and horror. We also cater to themes such as modern ancient Egyptian lifestyle, globetrotting and warfare of the 1930s.
  • We have a minimum of 300 words per post.
  • Character Types Loved Here: Bedouins, Medjai and Djed tribe members, Archaeologists, Egyptologists, explorers and characters of any other occupation.
  • We offer an expanding setting where players get to vote on the next location the amulet travels to. We’re never in one location for a long period of time and we believe in a change of scenery!
  • Face claims are not mandatory.
  • We provide a short application process.
  • We accept canons, premades and original characters.
  • We are active, friendly and social and we welcome newcomers at anytime.
  • We provide summaries of threads and completed story arcs so newcomers aren’t lost!
  • We offer much, much more than that! So come on in and take a look inside!


Alex O'Connell
Ardeth Bey (Most Wanted)
Izzy Buttons


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