Rae (ravens_rising) wrote in mummy,

Searching For a Fic

Hi! I was hoping somebody could help me find a fic that I know I read years ago. It focued on Ardeth, and became Ardeth/Rick (with Evy knowing) and had non-con-ish Ardeth/Imhotep on the side. Imhotep was taking Ardeth (and Rick) into some sort of dream world every night, or something like that, and Imhotep became sort of a reluctant ally against something else the Medjai were having to fight, and he was bargaining something (his help? him not hurting someone?) with being allowed to kiss Ardeth.
When I read it it was posted on someone's website, but it could've been on other sites too I suppose. It was really really long and was still a WIP when I read it believe.
I hope someone knows what I'm talking about!
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