WhatIMustWrite (gabe1990) wrote in mummy,

Oracle's Vision: The Mummy (1/20)

Title: Oracle's Vision: The Mummy
Fandom: The Mummy
Genre: Adventure/Romance
Pairings: Ardeth/OC; Evelyn/Rick (of course XD)
Summary: Hana O'Connell is Rick's half sister. What will happen with the half-Egyptian teacher along for the ride? Re-write of 'The Mummy'. Yes, yet another sister fic.

Note: This is a story I started writing and finished quite recently - my first multi chapter story ever! I'm proud of it and my readers on FanFiction.Net seemed to like the story so I thought I'd share it with my readers on this site. It's only the first chapter but tell me what you think >.<

(Fake Cut)
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